Stopper Plugs

Stopper Plugs

Cable Gland Stopping Plugs

Our 747, 757 and 767 Series Stopper Plugs are use in dissimilar hole for enabling equipment to be safely installed in hazardous area for increase permanent or temporary safety in enclosures. It is produce with a Hexagonal Head, to install or remove in open ended or ring type spanner or pull. So it used to hide any unused entry in electrical equipment.

Material : Brass, Nickel Plated, Metallic, Non Mtallic, Nylon, Plastic


  • 747 Series Stopper Plugs
  • 757 Series Stopper Plugs
  • 767 Series Stopper Plugs
  • Stopper Plugs For Electrical Equipment
  • Stopping Plug For Flameproof
  • Stopping Plug For Weatherproof

Technical Data:
747 Stopper Plug