Copper Bonded Rods

Copper Bonded Rods

We at Nayna Enterprise manufacture, supplies and export high quality of Copper Bonded Rods to avoid the damage of electrical assets when short circuit and current leakage are felt occur. Our highly skilled staff with use of latest technology makes these and high quality material to meet the international standard for fulfill all customers needs and requirements.

Our Copper Bonded Earthing Roads are produces with different features like high corrosion, high conductivity, and mechanical strength as per the customer’s needs and specifications. Therefore, these are widely appreciated by our valuable customers in global market. The bonding of copper layer to steel core via an electrolytic process ensures a perfect and tough bonding between the steel and the copper.

These are used in different industry for different application such as a lightning protection system, power generators, cnc machine, solar system, sugar industry, paper industry, substations, transmission and power generations, computer and Data processing centres, telecommunication towers, manufacturing facilities and refineries. These are suitable for different humidity, temperature and PH value of the soil conditions and available in all thickness, sizes and shapes as per customer’s needs and requirements.


  • Non-threaded Copper Bonded Rods
  • Threaded Copper Bonded Rods
  • One size Pointed and one Threaded
  • Customized Rods
  • Copper-Bonded Ground Rod, Pointed
  • Copper-Bonded Ground Rod, Sectional
  • Copper-Bonded Ground Rod, One Pigtail
  • Copper-Bonded Ground Rod, Two Pigtails


  • Continuous electroplating processing
  • Variable choices are manufactured as required by the customers
  • Values over the life of the product
  • Reduced installation area and time
  • Economical Option
  • Long lasting and maintenance free


  • Extra Ordinary Long Life
  • Easiest to Install
  • Maintenance – Not required
  • Less Space
  • Consistent Performance over a longer period