EMC Cable Glands

EMC Cable Glands

EMC Cable Gland

Enrich vast industrial experience, we are highly appreciated by our clients, We manufacture EMC Cable Glands with use of High quality material and latest technology use. Its protection can be made using durable cables with our protective covering clamping glands so it is suitable for terminations. Our high quality glands do not extensively reduce the capability of an enclosure to which they are attached to withstand electromagnetic boundary. these are available in different sizes, custom designs, various finishes and shapes as per customers needs and requirements. Natural EMC cable Glands standard BS EN 50262 and it neither affected by any electromagnetic interference in other equipment nor electromagnetic radiation.

Types of EMC Cable Glands

  • Cable Glands with contact spring
  • Cable Glands with contact disc
  • Cable Glands with contact sleeve
  • Cable Glands with antikink spring
  • Cable Glands with collet chuck

Technical Data:

Design Specification BS 6121:Part 1:1989, EN 50262, IEC 62444
Material Brass, Nickel Plated
Thread PG, M, NPT
Clamping Insert Polyamide 6 V2
Contact Spring Special Copper Alloy
Contact disc Nickel-plated brass
Sealing Ring CR-Chloroprene Rubber
O Ring Perbunan (NBR)
Protection Class IP 68-5 Bar
Mechanical Classifications Impact = Level 8, retention = Class B (EN 50262) Class D (IEC 62444)
Electrical Classifications Category B
RoK Permit For Use 19-02-UL-1957
Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +130°C
Ingress Protection Rating IP66
Cable Gland Material Brass, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Seal Material CMP Formulated Thermoset Elastomer
Cable Type Single Wire Armour (SWA)
Armour Clamping Armour Cone & AnyWay Universal Clamping Ring
Sealing Technique Unique CMP “LRS” TM Outer Seal (Load Retention Seal)
Sealing Area(s) Cable Outer Sheath
Accessories Adaptor/Reducer, Earth Tag, Locknut, Serrated Washer, Entry Thread Seal, Shroud
Gland Kits Available Gland kit for use with all types of SWA cable including 2 Brass Glands, 2 Steel Locknuts, 2

Brass Earth Tags and 2 PVC Shrouds for sizes up to and including 32mm. For sizes 40mm and

above each kit includes 1 of each component.

Properties For a quick installation of partially dismantled cables as well as thoroughly shielded cables