Adaptors and Reducers

Adaptors and Reducers


Our precision quality of Adaptors and Reducers are used in Marine, Machine, Devices, Housing, industrial and hazardous area applications so that are mostly suited when high volume of different types and sizes of Cable Glands are installed. When the dissimilar sizes of thread are created or conflict in size and type of cable glands are created, at that time our flexible and adjustable Adaptors and Reducers are used to save installation time and cost as compare to modifying new hole size in tools. Which is available in male and Female thread and used in rear and forward thread to increase or decrease size. We provides this in both metallic and non-metallic material with different thread and sizes such as metric, PG, NPT, BSP etc.

Material: Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Nickel Plated etc.

Technical Data:
Adaptors and Reducers


1.) Provides a means of connection between the equipment and cable glands with dissimilar thread sizes or types.

2.) Only metric female thread types are permitted by the ATEX Directive for flameproof EExd applications.

3.) Flameproof adaptors/reducers are permitted with female thread types other than metric, providing the
equipment has been certified for use with the adaptor/reducer.
EExe adaptors/reducers have no ATEX thread type restriction